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 To start our story is a little out of the ordinary, we met on the internet, through Orkut. From the first contact we knew that it had been a meeting of souls.
  We got to know each other and discovered that we had many things in common, and we understood that distance was just a word. Bê lived in Niterói-RJ and I (Leo) in Pato Branco-PR.
In less than 1 year of relationship we were already living and dreaming together.
This year we completed 13 years living side by side, day by day with a lot of unity and complicity. 👩❤️👨

  When we met, Bê already had photography very strong in his life, he was already photographing friends, nature, sports as a hobby. I (Leo) worked in the area of aesthetics and had no idea or practice.
But their passion for photography united us even more and together we got to know, study and learn more each day. And it is like this until today, because we believe that this is very important for our evolution and growth. 👫📷

  When we decided to undertake and own our company, the first name we thought of was: AMONDER.
They questioned us saying that it had nothing to do with photography, but it had and has everything to do with us, with who we are.
Amonder means love with super bonder, love that doesn't take off.
A little dating game that marked us and for us has always been very valuable and important. ✨

  This year we complete 10 years of Amonder and with each passing day we are more sure that we made the right choice for our life. We are very happy and fulfilled.

  We love being able to record and save every moment, every story lived.
Because everything in our lives is unique and valuable, and making this eternal through photography is magical. To save for eternity our feelings, a smell, a place, the moment lived with special people is indescribable.

  We fall in love daily with our work. Thank you so much for being part of our lives and our dream come true. 🙏🏻🥰

  It was an immense pleasure to share a little bit of our history with you.

  With a lot of love and gratitude.
  Eleonara and Bernardo

we for you  :)

Some customer testimonials about us.

Ilana Sá S.

You are wonderful and never forgotten. They record every happy moment. For me photography is the most important work of the party, to eternalize moments...

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